Additional Professional & Personal Experience

Relevant Personal Experience:

I have had cancer twice, underwent severe treatment for it, and I am now cancer-free. It was the most difficult three years of my life, and the largest blessing I have ever received. Truly. Thus, I have an intimate knowledge of serious illness, and how to be with it, to open to life instead of closing down. In my early 40's, I had a "dark night of the soul" experience that lasted almost a decade and initiated me into a midlife journey which gave me a life worth living. I am also an artist, primarily an oil painter, so I honor the creative process in our lives. Aside from art, my two greatest loves and areas of focus have been psychology and world religions/spirituality, and I integrate them when needed into my work with others. However, I do find the practical practices of mindfulness, self-inquiry and pure awareness are often the most applicable for many people because they can produce clear perception and less emotional suffering without any religious or spiritual associations. We all have or will experience great suffering in our lives. Helping each other with compassion is such a gift to give and such a gift to receive.

Additional Professional Experience & Training (not included on the home page):

Anxiety & Fear
LGBTQ Issues
Sexuality Issues
Existential--Life Meaning Issues
Life Coaching
Work Transitions
Cancer and Serious Illness
Death and Dying
Dream Analysis
Current Areas of Specific Religion/Spirituality Study: Buddhism, Christianity, and Non-Dual Teachings